Life SupportedA day on our Earth

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Every day, our Earth spins in a 24-hour cycle.

The choices we make in that time impact the health of the planet, and the legacy we leave for future generations.

This is the story of one day. Time is running out...

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Life Supported

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ProducersMark Tutton, Jacopo Prisco, Natasha Maguder and Katy Scott

DesignSarah-Grace Mankarious

DevelopmentSean O’Key, Jason Jackson and Ken Uzquiano

Intro animationYukai Du

Project managerJenny Wong

Writers and contributors John Sutter, David McKenzie, Jenni Marsh, Bianca Britton, Kara Fox, Georgia McCafferty, Eoghan Macguire, Inga Thordar and Ingrid Formanek

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